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Development, production and distribution of the latest solutions for science and industry in CEE region.

Complete automation units with integration and robotic cells, especially for the automotive and aerospace sectors. LASCAM Systems focuses on common and special laser applications in industry, such as marking, cutting, welding, but also precision laser machining. It distributes laser machines from leading manufacturers, supplies components. LASCAM Systems is represented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia.

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MARK industries is a distributor of a complete portfolio of marking technologies for the needs of the food, automotive, pharmaceutical, and electrical industries. Thanks to years of experience and know-how in the field of product marking, MARK helps not only with the selection of suitable technology, design, and installation, but also provides training and complete service.

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Elya Solutions manufactures customized machines and equipment with a focus on non-standard optics requirements. For industry, it supplies automated units for optical analysis, quality control, measurement or machine vision. Within the scientific sector, it delivers equipment for significant Czech and foreign institutions focusing on precise optics and mechanics, simulation, or software creation.

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AYES is dedicated to improving operations of industrial companies using the latest augmented reality and wearable computing technology. The Prague based company is offering comprehensive services such as consulting, system customization, and integration so that the specific needs of every customer are met.

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